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Electronic devices are vital to every aspect of our daily lives, from work to education, entertainment, healthcare, and hygiene. These electronic media include magnetic tapes in various form factors, data reels, CDs, thumb drives, SD cards, SSDs, and microfiche. While these devices have undoubtedly made our lives easier, the rapid progress of technology has presented a unique set of challenges. The more electronics we produce, the more will eventually need to be discarded.
Reducing waste of all kinds is crucial for the environment and public health, especially electronic waste. Electronics often contain heavy metals that can pollute soil and water when disposed of incorrectly. Exposure to these toxins can cause various health complications in humans and other species, including digestive, neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular, and bone disorders.
Learn how Viking Shred’s electronic media shredding services can help your business comply with California’s e-waste disposal regulations and protect your local community.

Viking Shred’s Electronic Media Destruction Services

Based in the Bay Area, Viking Shred is on a mission to help companies meet their ISO 9001 and 14001 objectives and divert 100% of waste from landfills. As an approved collector, we abide by all Federal and CalRecyle guidelines as we collect, sort, and ship your waste to metal recyclers, reuse organizations, and e-waste recycling facilities. We thoroughly check all waste for digital storage items, perform media shredding, and reduce them to any particle size required, from one inch to a few millimeters. This is to ensure that all data is securely destroyed before items are passed to the recycling facility. We can come to you in our shredding trucks or provide electronic off-site shredding services at our secure facility.
Working with Viking shows your commitment to social and environmental responsibility, improving your reputation with clients, potential business partners, and regulators. From prototypes and inventory to company smartphones and hard drives, we can ensure that your electronic waste is disposed of safely and securely.
A fully modern truck fleet that meets all California low-emission diesel vehicle standards
The use of biodegradable hydraulic oil in our shredders
State-of-the-art plant air filtration systems to minimize the emission of VOCs and other air pollutants
Committed goal of 100% diversion of waste away from landfills
Complete recycling of e-waste materials
Full support for our customers’ ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 objectives

Recycling Services in California

CalRecycle is California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. It is responsible for organizing recycling, waste reduction, and material reuse programs for both individuals and businesses or government entities across the state. Some of the most commonly recycled materials include plastics, metals, and glass. These can be deposited in personal bins for municipal pick up or brought straight to waste management facilities. However, CalRecycle also runs programs to help Californians recycle more difficult materials like tires, motor oil, and electronic waste. These items may need to be directly delivered to designated processing facilities. CalRecycle’s goal is to move California toward a fully circular economy, conserve natural beauty, and allow future generations to enjoy long, healthy lives.

Senate Bill 1215 and Battery Recycling

Batteries pose some of the greatest risks to humans and the environment when disposed of improperly. Batteries power a wide range of consumer products and can either be embedded within the products themselves or removed and replaced. They contain corrosive and flammable chemicals that can injure sanitation workers during collection, start fires at waste and recycling facilities, and pollute water and soil. Batteries have long been considered hazardous waste and banned from landfills in California. Still, there was no standardized system for disposing of electronics with embedded batteries that could not easily be removed by household tools.
In September 2022, the California State Senate passed SB 1215, authored by Senator Josh Newman. This bill expanded California’s Covered Electronic Waste program to include battery-embedded products. Starting in 2025, CalRecycle will establish a process for CEW recycles to submit payment claims for these products and establish a recycling fee. Manufacturers will also have to list these products, and any qualified exemptions, in an annual notice to CalRecycle and California retailers.

Environmental, Business, and Health Risks of Improper E-Waste Disposal

The batteries in electronic devices contain highly corrosive materials that can leak if the item is damaged during disposal, especially after electronic device shredding. This poses a risk of chemical burns to anyone who may come in contact with the item, especially sanitation workers. Electronics may also contain toxic heavy metals, such as lithium. These chemicals can get into soil, groundwater, and rainwater, then passed into crops and other food sources. As they are not biodegradable, they can persist in the environment for long periods. Even small amounts of repeated exposure can lead to neurological disorders and other ailments in humans.
Due to these risks, California has imposed strict fines and penalties on companies that violate electronic waste disposal regulations. The state’s maximum daily penalty for improper hazardous waste disposal is $70,000, raised from $25,000 in 2018. If companies are not motivated to improve their waste disposal practices by social responsibility, they face real threats to their financial well-being.