Reduce Waste and Ensure Compliance with Viking Shred's Recycling Services

Protect the environment and your sensitive information with our commercial and industrial recycling services designed to help your businesses minimize their environmental footprint and meet local, state, and federal regulations.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

One of the biggest advantages of digital file storage is that it’s much harder to lose files by accident permanently. However, the staying power of data has its downside. When individuals or businesses want to upgrade their hardware, all their data—including sensitive personal information—remains intact on their previous drives. If the information is not properly destroyed before the hardware is thrown out, there is nothing stopping a potential bad actor from scavenging the equipment and accessing the data.
One of the most effective ways to destroy them is through hard drive shredding. Much like shredding paper, the hard drive is passed through a machine that cuts it into tiny bits. Once the platter that stores data has been cut up, any data that was once stored on it is useless.
If you are looking to dispose of your data in California, Viking Shred offers safe, reliable, and cost-effective shredding services for your organization.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Viking Shred's ongoing efforts to promote sustainability includes:
A fully modern truck fleet that meets all California low-emission diesel vehicle standards
The use of biodegradable hydraulic oil in our shredders
State-of-the-art plant air filtration systems to minimize the emission of VOCs and other air pollutants
Committed goal of 100% diversion of waste away from landfills
Complete recycling of e-waste materials
Full support for our customers’ ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 objectives

Paper Recycling Services in California

Even though so much of business is done digitally, businesses still produce tons of paper waste yearly. Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle and can usually be placed in normal recycling bins. However, paper files owned by businesses may contain sensitive information about customers and business partners. To protect their confidentiality, organizations must properly destroy all books and paperwork. However, once the paper has been shredded, it may not be able to go into normal recycling receptacles.
Viking Shred’s shredded paper recycling services offer the best in security and sustainability. We can shred your papers and books on-site or at our facility without the need for you to remove items from binders, paper clips, and eco-fasteners. In addition, our shredders meet the National Association of Information Destruction’s (NAID) most stringent standards to uphold confidentiality. We also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) after the shredding process.
Once your paper products are destroyed, we bale the pulp at our secure facility before sending it directly to a paper mill, where it is transformed into new consumer products, such as toilet paper, napkins, and paper plates, instead of winding up in a landfill.

Electronic Recycling Services in California

As more electronics are purchased, more also enter the waste stream. Electronics and the batteries that power them often contain heavy metals, corrosive substances, and other toxic materials. When these items are dumped in landfills, the toxic substances they contain may leech into the water and soil. They can upset the fragile balance of our ecosystems and contaminate our food and water systems and cause digestive disorders, neurological problems, and other serious health issues.
E-waste must be processed by designated electronics recyclers approved by California. Viking Shred will sort your electronic waste into the correct categories and then ship it to the appropriate metal recyclers, e-waste facilities, and reuse organizations. In addition, we thoroughly examine the waste for digital storage media and destroy these according to NAID AAA standards before recycling.

Commercial Recycling in California

Commercial recycling is designed to help businesses manage their waste since they generate much more waste than the average single-family home. Since January 2012, California’s AB-341 has required commercial businesses and public entities, including government offices, schools, and non-profit organizations, to form a recycling program. To collect and process recycling in California, an entity must complete precertification training, pass an exam, and apply to become a Certified Operator. It must also keep its certificate posted at its facility and keep logs of all materials accepted and redeemed. These regulations exist to help businesses that enlist the services of a commercial recycling company ensure that their materials are being disposed of properly.
Commercial recycling programs offer several benefits to companies and the communities in which they operate. First, recycling costs are much lower than disposal costs. Your business could save tens of millions of dollars each year in waste management costs. Second, diverting waste to reuse instead of disposal creates recycling and manufacturing jobs. Finally, a business that demonstrates social responsibility gains a better reputation in its community and improves employee retention rates.

Industrial Recycling Services in California

Industrial facilities are more likely to handle hazardous waste materials, such as toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Disposing of these in a landfill could injure sanitation workers, pollute local ecosystems, and even contaminate our food system. Viking Shred removes these potentially hazardous materials from California’s main waste stream and ensures they are sent to facilities that properly process them into new items. We collect things like batteries, obsolete electronics, computer monitors, and storage drives for disposal and reuse. Our industrial recycling services decrease the overall waste in California’s landfills and are especially important for limiting the number of toxins and pollutants we are exposed to.