How It Works

Viking Shred is the only shred company in California capable of shredding all types of confidential information to multiple shred sizes. Our fleet of shred trucks are specifically designed for media, hard drives, SSDs, paper, X-rays, pill bottles, textiles, etc.


Cleanouts, old files that have been in storage, and large one-time purges are ideal for this service. We arrive ready to empty file cabinets and storage boxes or scan hard drives for destruction.


We provide a locked security container, typically an executive console or wheeled locked bin, to store your confidential material prior to your regularly scheduled appointment. We can customize the schedule, type, and quantity of bins to meet your needs. Whether it’s one bin at one location once a month to thousands of bins serviced weekly at a large facility, we tailor a solution around your security needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to remove paper clips, eco-fasteners, and alligator clips?


Do I have to remove the hard drives from their sleeves?


Can you destroy three-ring binders?

Yes, as long as they have paper in them.

Can you provide certification that our confidential items have been destroyed?

Yes, a Certificate of Destruction (COD) is provided once destruction has taken place.

Will you recycle our shredded material after?

95% of all shredded material is recycled!