Protect Your Business with Secure Hard Drive Shredding Service

Protect your business' reputation and sensitive information with our secure and professional shredding services! Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures the permanent destruction of your confidential files for compliance and data security. 

Avoid Data Breaches with Hard Drive Destruction Services

One of the biggest advantages of digital file storage is that it’s much harder to lose files by accident permanently. However, the staying power of data has its downside. When individuals or businesses want to upgrade their hardware, all their data—including sensitive personal information—remains intact on their previous drives. If the information is not properly destroyed before the hardware is thrown out, there is nothing stopping a potential bad actor from scavenging the equipment and accessing the data.
One of the most effective ways to destroy them is through hard drive shredding. Much like shredding paper, the hard drive is passed through a machine that cuts it into tiny bits. Once the platter that stores data has been cut up, any data that was once stored on it is useless.
If you are looking to dispose of your data in California, Viking Shred offers safe, reliable, and cost-effective shredding services for your organization.

Viking Shred: A Reliable Hard Drive Shredding Service

Since 2006, Viking Shred has been helping companies in Northern California dispose of all sorts of materials, including supercomputers, hard drives, papers, textiles, and more. We are the largest privately held mobile shredding company in the region, and we handle all shredding projects from start to finish without the use of subcontractors.
Our shredding and electronics destruction services can come to you or be done at our facility in Sacramento. If you choose to have your hard drive destroyed at our facility, it will be secured under lock and key until it is destroyed.
Viking Shred offers both one-time and recurring shredding services. Our one-time service is ideal for cleanouts and purges, while recurring services can help organizations that regularly handle and dispose of large quantities of sensitive information. We can customize your schedule, type of destruction, and quantity of bins to fit your organization’s security needs.

On-Site Hard Drive and Electronics Destruction

On-site hard drive destruction involves physically destroying hard drives and other electronic devices at the customer's location. The process typically involves using specialized equipment to shred the hard drive into small pieces. Our low-emissions, industrial-level shredding trucks can come directly to your location in Vallejo, Stockton, Santa Rosa, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Redding, Oakland, Modesto, Fremont, Chico, Berkeley, and surrounding areas. We request that a representative from your organization observe the shredding process, which is also filmed by a CCTV camera mounted on the side of the truck. Once the process is complete, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD) for your records.

Off-Site Hard Drive and Electronics Shredding

This involves transporting electronic devices from a home or business to a secure facility, where they are then shredded and destroyed. We use off-site hard drive shredding when on-site isn't possible due to logistical constraints or the volume of devices that need to be destroyed. We secure your items at our facility, placing them under lock and key that's only accessible under dual control until they're ready for destruction. All shredded material is aggregated and recycled under Calrecycle and Federal guidelines, and 95% of shredded materials are turned into household products like toilet paper, napkins, and paper plates.

Risks and Consequences of Improper Hard Drive Disposal

There are several risks associated with improper data and hard drive destruction. First, unauthorized individuals can access the stored information and potentially use it for identity theft, fraud, or other illegal acts. This may lead to financial losses for both you and your customers. Your company may be held legally liable if it is discovered that negligence on your part led to the data breach. You may also face reputational repercussions, including a loss of customers or investors.

Hard Drive Destruction Services for Businesses and Organizations

There are many organizations—including county government offices, police departments, Credit Unions, doctors’ offices, and more—that handle private information. If hard drives and other electronic data are not disposed of correctly, this data can fall into the hands of bad actors and be used to commit fraud and identity theft, and your organization can be held liable for negligence and face legal or financial penalties. These can be especially severe for healthcare organizations and financial institutions, which are bound by federal laws such as HIPAA and GLBA (the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) to safeguard customers’ private data. Viking Shred offers scalable solutions to help businesses of all sizes store, transport, and destroy confidential records with industrial-strength equipment and industry-leading best practices.

E-Waste Recycling and Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Viking Shred not only destroys your electronic equipment for you, but we also take care of the resulting waste in accordance with CalRecycle and Federal Guidelines. We separate your e-waste by category after ensuring that all digital storage items have been properly destroyed. Thanks to our NAID AAA Certification, you can be sure that everyone handling any potentially confidential information has been properly vetted and approved to do so. After shredding and sorting, we ship the e-waste to metal recyclers, e-waste recyclers, and reuse organizations to keep harmful toxins out of our soil and water.