Managing your retiring IT assets is complex logistics. You wonder where all the old stuff goes and what value remains in the equipment. That's why IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) protocols are necessary to ensure that your unwanted equipment is disposed of properly without compromising your data.

Here at Viking Shred, we specialize in ITAD services and operate a fleet of trucks throughout California. We handle the entire process or work with your organization on any service you need, including destruction, recycling, remarketing, and others. With connections worldwide, we can maximize the value of your IT assets at retirement while giving you the peace of mind that nothing will slip through the cracks. Unlike most ITAD companies that work nationally or globally, we do not outsource any work. This saves you significant time and money by having only one central point of contact. 

From data warehouses and supercomputers to a small closet full of old computer equipment, Viking Shred is here to help.