Maximize Data Security with IT Asset Disposal Services

Don't let your sensitive data get compromised. Let Viking Shred handle the entire IT asset disposal process and ensure that your organization's ITAD protocols meet the highest data security standards. 

IT Asset Disposal in California

From data warehouses and supercomputers to your outdated monitors, Viking Shred is here to help. We specialize in IT asset disposition services to help your company comply with ITAD protocols in California. We ensure your unwanted or broken equipment is disposed of properly without compromising your data.
As the largest privately held destruction company in Northern California, Viking Shred serves many of California’s cities, including Vallejo, Stockton, Santa Rosa, San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, Redding, Oakland, Modesto, Fremont, Chico, and Berkeley. We are trusted by business firms and government agencies because of our commitment to sustainability, security, and compliance.
Let us help you with all your IT asset disposal needs — from hard drive destruction to reuse value recovery. Our company will provide you with peace of mind through data destruction certificates and video verification and help ensure that proper IT asset disposal steps are taken to avoid regulatory and reputational penalties.

ITAD Services by Viking Shred

Our unparalleled customer service, expertise in enterprise asset management and IT operation, and capability to shred anything to any size help us ensure brand protection for your organization.
With our fleet of trucks, we can handle the entire IT asset disposal process or work with you on any service you need, including destruction, recycling, remarketing, and more. We leverage our connections worldwide to maximize the value of your IT assets at retirement while ensuring that nothing gets overlooked during the process. Unlike other ITAD firms that operate at national or global scales, we do not outsource any of our work, saving you valuable time and money by dealing with just a single point of contact.
As a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)-certified company, we use truck-mounted industrial shredders capable of thoroughly destroying thousands of hard drives per hour. AAA Certification mandates strict employee training and screening policies, particle size requirements, video surveillance protocols, and transportation and storage guidelines. We also provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) as proof that confidential information was destroyed according to industry standards.

Let Viking Shred Handle All Your ITAD Needs!

The importance of proper IT asset recycling and disposal cannot be understated. Disposing of e-waste in landfills has severe risks to human and environmental health, as well as to your personal privacy and security. Viking Shred is authorized and NAID certified to dispose of your IT assets and can ensure your ITAD is done in accordance with California's health and safety regulations.
We offer ITAD services, including the management of the entire ITAD disposal process, along with the secure destruction of media, hard drives, paper, and electronics. Our recycling services are sustainable and in accordance with federal guidelines. Viking Shred can even help you ship and recycle all of your outdated or unused books!
Whatever your business requires, from ITAD services to the recycling of old books, we've got you covered. Call us to properly dispose of your e-waste and ITAD assets. Let's work together to recycle and reuse what we can and destroy the rest in a sustainable and safe way.