Prevent Data Breaches with Secure Paper Shredding Services
in San Jose

Improper handling of confidential information can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or data breach. Individuals and businesses wanting to get rid of their old records need secure document disposal to ensure their privacy and regulatory compliance.

Viking Shred’s paper shredding services in San Jose give you the security you need to protect your business reputation, safeguard private information, and comply with regulations. 

Mobile Paper Shredding Services in San Jose

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Viking Shred

Viking Shred's on-site mobile shredding services offer a convenient, secure, and efficient way of destroying defective and outdated products for individuals and businesses. Our industrial-level shredding trucks will arrive at your premises, eliminating the need to transport your documents to another facility. This saves you time, effort, and money, especially if you have large stacks of papers and records. Our advanced shredding equipment is capable of destroying documents into multiple shred sizes to ensure that they are unreadable and irreproducible. 

Viking Shred: Your Trusted Paper Shredding Company

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Viking Shred

Secure shredding involves a meticulous approach to ensure the destruction of documents. Once all records are collected, they are fed into industrial-grade shredders that reduce them into unreadable units to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Viking Shred is a AAA-certified company that adheres to the strict information disposal standards set by the National Association of Information Destruction. Laws and regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, and GDPR also order businesses to properly handle and eliminate documents to avoid data breaches and legal liabilities. With the help of a professional company like Viking Shred, you can easily deal with the secure disposal of large volumes of papers to ensure data protection and compliance. Our mobile paper shredding services in San Jose provide you with tailored solutions that address your specific needs, whether they be a one-time purge or a recurring service.

Maintaining Privacy and Compliance

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Viking Shred

By shredding sensitive documents into tiny, unreadable pieces, it becomes impossible to reconstruct any valuable data that can be used for identity theft and other malicious activities. Viking Shred's on-site and off-site paper shredding services in San Jose cater to various types of documents, including personal records, financial information, medical records, and proprietary business data, offering tailored solutions that address the disposal needs of individuals and businesses. We employ a fleet of trucks equipped with surveillance cameras that oversee the shredding process. We also request a representative from your company to monitor the procedure, and once it's done, we provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records. In alignment with the stringent standards of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), we also screen and train our employees to ensure that your documents are in good hands. 

Recycling Services in California

CalRecycle is California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. It is responsible for organizing recycling, waste reduction, and material reuse programs for both individuals and businesses or government entities across the state. Some of the most commonly recycled materials include plastics, metals, and glass. These can be deposited in personal bins for municipal pick up or brought straight to waste management facilities. However, CalRecycle also runs programs to help Californians recycle more difficult materials like tires, motor oil, and electronic waste. These items may need to be directly delivered to designated processing facilities. CalRecycle’s goal is to move California toward a fully circular economy, conserve natural beauty, and allow future generations to enjoy long, healthy lives.

Challenges in Paper Shredding

Viking Shred has been providing paper shredding services to San Jose and other areas in Northern California since 2006. We provide tailored solutions for handling large volumes of paper in adherence to disposal protocols and environmental regulations. 
In compliance with California's stringent low-emission diesel vehicle standards, our fleet of trucks operates sustainably and we also utilize advanced air filtration systems and biodegradable hydraulic oil to minimize our environmental footprint. E-waste materials and papers undergo meticulous recycling processes and are turned into repurposed products such as toilet paper and napkins. 

Secure and Compliant Paper Shredding Services in San Jose

Protect Your Sensitive Data with Viking Shred

Viking Shred is committed to providing tailored shredding services to meet the unique requirements, budgets, and timelines of our clients in San Jose. Whether it's a one-time engagement to facilitate cleanouts, file storage cleanups, or large-scale purges, or recurring services customized to suit your preferred schedules, container types, and quantities, we are capable of meeting your needs. 
With Viking Shred, you have a reliable partner dedicated to upholding the safety of your data, complying with regulations, and preserving confidentiality. Whether your needs are centered around on-site or off-site paper shredding, our team is always available to provide secure and dependable solutions. Connect with us today, and learn how we can best address your unique shredding needs.


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